OPPO A15s – An Overview


If you are looking for best antivirus solution available in the market today, OPPO A15s is an ideal antivirus solution. User Reviews says that this product is the best in the market and is one of the highly recommended products of OPPO. With impressive features and good specifications, the Oppo A15s comes with a price tag ofRs 13,989. With such an affordable price, it is expected that it will have good features. And with good features, you get the protection that you need.

One of the notable features of Oppo A15s smartphone is its ability to act as an all-in-one enterprise solution. It is a mobile phone that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of business enterprises. It features a quad-core processor, 2 mega pixel camera, built-in Windows OS, and high-speed cellular connectivity with HSDPA carrier. This smartphone has a secure booting environment, which further implies that your data is protected even when you are not using the smartphone. It also offers a huge memory space, a large amount of gigabytes of storage, and runs on a large number of cellular carriers in different parts of the world.

The Oppo A15s smartphone has an innovative color design that makes it different from other mobiles in the market today. The textured wallpaper and the rainbow silver color make this handset stand out from the rest of the mobiles in the market. It gives an individual the freedom to express their personality with the help of this unique color combination. The textured wallpaper comes in different vibrant shades. OPPO A15s

The camera on the Oppo A15S is built with auto focus, so you can take excellent photographs without any effort on your part. The OPPO A series also features a 16 megapixel main camera, and has a laser auto focus, so you do not have to be concerned about it getting blurred when you are taking photographs of fast moving objects. The color filter wheel helps to enhance the colors of the photos, and there is also a color enhancement mode, which makes every photo a beautiful masterpiece. The OPPO A series features a special video camera, which enables people to capture high quality videos.

Another novel feature of the Oppo A series is its ability to incorporate both the phone’s media support – music and videos. The OPPO A series also features an innovative fingerprint sensor, called the iris. This iris detects fingerprints and uses them to access the phone’s virtual user interface, as well as to perform basic tasks. When the user enters a PIN number, for instance, this works as a biometric verification system, and the camera takes a picture of the user in case the finger is detected. This works exactly like Apple’s Face ID system, and is capable of collecting more biometric data than any other current smartphone.

One of the biggest selling points of this A series is the fact that it comes with two slimmed-down profiles. The first one is the regular slimmed-down profile, which contains all the features of an average smartphone such as the USB port, radio, micro USB port, and everything that you would find on an average device. The second profile is the Pro Slimmed-down Profile, which adds some extra features that are unique to OPPO A series devices, such as a 2 megapixel front-facing camera, a dual tone LED flashlight, a fingerprint sensor, and a 10 megapixel rear camera. At the same time, the Pro Slimmed-down Profile also adds a very powerful speaker system, which has been purposely designed to work even better than the already excellent speakers of the iPhone 5s. This is also something that no other smartphone has, and as a result, this a15s image is for illustration purpose only.

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